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Grill'n (ACC#11)

Grill'n (ACC#11)

This piece has a bit of a ying/yang kind of vibe. I poured and manipulated paint on to the canvas in a swirling gradient from red, through orange, to yellow. I recreated a similar mixture on a secondary surface, allowed it to dry, sliced it into strips, only to flip it around and collage it back on to the original. The end result is a fun play on color, as the gradients slide by each other on the's also vaguely reminiscent of flames dancing under and around the bbq grill...maybe I'm just hungry? (In the spirit of full disclosure, I should note that my husband is flipping burgers on the Weber, as I write.)
  • Details

    11" x 14" x 1.5"
    Gradations of Red, Yellow, and Orange acrylic paint are collaged on a gallery wrapped canvas.
    High Gloss Finish
    Ready for hanging with felt pads, bracketed "D" rings, and picture wire.
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