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Deciduous Diva (Metal Print)

Deciduous Diva (Metal Print)

This is a reproduction of an original painting, printed on metal.

Signed by the artist.
Includes mounting bracket on back
Available Sizes:

The printing process includes infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum panels creating brilliant images that shine with radiant color.

The coating acts as a durable barrier against dirt, scratches and harmful UV rays, thus eliminating the need for protective glass or framing. The surface beams with such vibrant color and visual depth that they appear nearly 3D.

About the Original:

Inspired by a Bonsai Maple forest, and originally painted as part of the "Root & Limb, Art around the Bonsai" exhibit at St. Louis' SOHA Gallery. Technically, this piece is classified as a Mixed Media, Acrylic Collage. It involves a variety of paints and inks, mixed with both gloss and acrylic pouring mediums, that have been allowed to dry on a secondary surface before being peeled up, cut apart, and collaged onto a painted canvas. I chose to take an introspective approach, looking at what elements seemed quintessentially “Maple".
  • Details

    20" x 20"
    Limited Edition, high resolution photograph of the original painting, printed on easy care metal. Image is mounted to hanging apparatus that lets it appear to "float" on the wall. No framing necessary. Gradations of Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange with a high gloss finish. Signed and sequentially numbered by the artist.
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