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Bisou, (Metal Print)

Bisou, (Metal Print)

This is a reproduction of an original painting, printed on metal.

Signed by the artist.
Includes mounting bracket on back
Available Sizes: 10" x 10" / 16" x 16"

The printing process includes infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum panels creating brilliant images that shine with radiant color.

The coating acts as a durable barrier against dirt, scratches and harmful UV rays, thus eliminating the need for protective glass or framing. The surface beams with such vibrant color and visual depth that they appear nearly 3D.

About the Original:
"Bisou" is French for kiss. I remember a 5th grade friend explaining that a "French kiss" was just like a regular kiss...except with a lot of tongue. Here is a "bisou", Boston Terrier Style! A shy bashful glance...and with no lips to purse, he offers instead, a glimpse of what will slather you with his affection from ankle to ears. This piece is the fourth in my Boston Terrier series.
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