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Having survived a rural upbringing in the arid desert of the American southwest, thriving under the neon glow of the Las Vegas horizon, he turned a deaf ear to the siren’s song of slot machines and showgirls, and subsequently fled as far as his fat feet and meager bank account would take him. A decade in New York City allowed him exposure to a variety of arts, and a profound case of culture shock. Eventually, drawn by the call of oppressive humidity, and lured with the temptation of 4 actual seasons, he found himself nestled into America’s heartland. Today he serves as Creative Director of an event design company serving the greater St. Louis area, and surrounding region. Tim is happily ensconced in a 113 year old, 3 story brick monstrosity, in constant need of refurbishment and repair, in the company of his spouse of over 27 years, and 4 ridiculously spoiled Boston Terriers.

Tim strives to paint emotions and abstract concepts with the help of his four-legged muses.


He has been  asked to note*  that every item of clothing, and most  of his  furnishings have paint on them.


*the phrase "why don't you put THAT in your bio?" may or may not have been
strongly/loudly suggested.

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